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How much do you think an employee of world’s largest social networking site, Facebook earns?


Facebook is counted among one of the most widely used social media networking sites. Launched in 2004, the site was initially opened up only to the students of Harvard and later in 2006 it actually opened up its registration to any individual who has attained an age of 13 years. Within a span of just a decade, this website has grown out so much that it is not just a social networking platform anymore, and has also paved its way into virtual reality, mobile commerce to name a few.

In short, it means that the ever growing organization is constantly looking out for the right professional man power such as a huge number of engineers, web designers, managers and various other people who will ensure that the back end processes run smoothly.

Well, it goes without saying that MarK Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, definitely knows how to retain his skilled staff and thus is willing to pay some of the top salaries for its employees.

Using the data provided from Glassdoor, here is a compilation of the highest salaries which an individual can earn while working at the Facebook. The salaries have been presented in the descending order.

(Note: The salary mentioned here is just their base pay excluding the bonuses. Also only those salaries were considered which had about 10 reviews.)

Here’s How Facebook Can Get You Fired From Your Job


by Adarsh Verma ·

Getting a job itself is a tough task and what if you get fired from it before your first day! And all this because of a ‘stupid’ Facebook post!

A 27-year-old single mom Kaitlyn Walls, who complained about her new workplace on Facebook, was sacked from her new job. She was very happy when she found a job a day care that she needed badly. But, before going to the work for the first day, she updated her Facebook status: “I start my new job today, but I absolutely hate working at day care.”

As a reaction to this status update, her Facebook friends and others attacked and insulted her. One of them happened to say that she had the “Bubonic Plague.” Her new boss sniffed the post somehow on the social networking website and the Texas resident was fired before she reached the day care center.

In an interview to CBS local she said: “I actually cried. It really hurt because I wasn’t trying to offend anybody. It really was a big mistake. I don’t hate children. I have my own… I love her.”


Kaitlyn has now promised that she won’t post anything like this ever again on Facebook and apologized for the people who were offended. She said that she’s so sad and feels like a failure looking at her daughter crying as she lost her job because of her own stupidity.

Kaitlyn has our sympathies and we hope that she gets her job back.

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